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END GANG LIFE – A call to action to end gang life in British Columbia


END GANG LIFE is a comprehensive gang education, prevention, and awareness campaign that uses bold, emotional, and visually impactful images and messages to:

  • Engage the public about gangs
  • Provide material that educates the public about gangs
  • Prevent youth and young adults from joining gangs
  • Encourage those involved in gang life to exit

The campaign material complements other CFSEU-BC engagement initiatives and supports other government and police gang prevention and awareness initiatives.

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End Gang Life was created to be an emotional and visually impactful anti-gang campaign that uses engaging and powerful imagery and language that speaks to people and will hopefully give youth a fresh perspective on what gangs really are, give communities a rallying point around which they can mobilize against gangs in their neighbourhoods, and make gangsters pause and have a second thought about their life choices.  


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About the End Gang Life Campaign

This provincial anti-gang campaign is deliberately edgy and thought-provoking content, meant to defy convention and evoke controversy and start conversations.

Phase 1 will consist of three short videos, three posters, and three radio PSA’s. The videos, which have been designated as “Public Service Announcements” by the Television Bureau of Canada, will be distributed to every television outlet in British Columbia. Similarly, the radio PSA’s will be distributed to every radio station in BC. The posters will be distributed both in hard copy and digital format to every media outlet in BC. All of the products will also be made available to every police agency, RCMP detachment, community groups, schools, etc throughout the province.

This campaign is part of an ongoing public outreach effort to bring attention to gangs and stimulate discussion about gangs which demystify and eliminate misperceptions about gangs. Throughout the campaign everyone from youth, parents, siblings, peer groups, members of communities across BC, and gang members and their friends and families will be targeted. aims to become a resource vital in education and prevention.






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