CFSEU-BC Uniform Gang Enforcement Team Seizes Drugs, Cash and Weapons in Kelowna UGET partnered with the Kelowna RCMP and over the four days, officers stopped 100 vehicles and interacted with 145 people, the majority of whom were connected to the street-level drug trade. Read the media release CFSEU-BC Announces New Chief Officer The appointment of RCMP Assistant Commissioner (A/Commr.) Manny Mann as the new Chief Officer. Learn more Gang Exiting & Intervention
If you think your child or someone you know is at risk or involved in gangs or drug trafficking, there is help available for you.

PH: 604-897-6023
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Uniform Gang Enforcement Team The uniform team model takes a three-tiered approach to the reduction of gang violence in public places:

▸ Prevention
▸ Intervention
▸ Suppression
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End Gang Life An ongoing public outreach effort to bring attention to gangs and stimulate discussion about gangs which demystify and eliminate misperceptions about gangs. Explore EGL