Additional Charges Approved Against Male Arrested in Drug Investigation

Additional charges have now been laid by Crown Counsel against a m ale as a result of an earlier 2017 investigation into the alleged criminal activities of this individual.

In early July 2017 , the CFSEU-BC South East District office launched an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking activities of an individual in the city of Kelowna. A significant quantity of drugs and firearms were seized following the execution of a search warrant on t he apartment of this individual.

George Don Zacharias , a 46-year-old Kelowna resident, has now been charged with an additional nine offences in addition to the original charge of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

These charges include :

 Possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm without a licence.

 6 counts of possession of a prohibited firearm, restricted firearm, or non-restricted firearm without a licence.

 Possession of prohibited ammunition, overcapacity magazines, without a valid licence.

 Stored firearms in a manner contrary to the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code.

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