E-Perstringe Update

2Ivan Georgiev has been sentenced to eight years and eight months for drug and weapon offences following the conclusion of CFSEU’s E-PERSTRINGE investigation. Sentenced this week in Kamloops, Georgiev, 40, of Langley, faces five years in jail for the production of methamphetamine and possession for the purpose of trafficking as well as possession of precursor drugs. Georgiev was in jail and previously sentenced to three years and eight months for the firearms charges in the same investigation

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CFSEU-BC Response to German Report

CFSEU-BC Response to German Report

Today a portion of the second report (the “Report) from Mr. Peter German was released to the public. In Chapter 6-4, Mr. German makes several references to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), the Organized...