E-Pixie and E-Nightshade

Today the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia is announcing the arrests of members of the Hells Angels Motor Cycle Club, Throttle Lockers Motor Cycle Club and their associates in the murder of Kelowna resident Dain Eldon Phillips, 51, on June 12, 2011. Mr. Phillips was savagely beaten near his home and later succumbed to his injuries at Kelowna General Hospital with his wife and family at his side.

Charged with second-degree murder are:

  • Robert Leonard Thomas, 46; full patch member Kelowna Hells Angels
  • Norman Robert Cocks, 31; full patch member Kelowna Hells Angels.
  • Robert Charles Cocks, 52; president The Throttle Lockers, a Hells Angels support club.
  • Daniel Joseph McRae, 20; associate.
  • Matthew Thomas McRae, 19; associate.
  • Anson Lloyd Schell, 19; associate.
  • Thomas Allen Vaughan, 22; associate.

CFSEU worked closely with the Kelowna RCMP to quickly conclude the Phillips murder investigation. A quick resolution was possible as CFSEU was running a separate investigation, E-PIXIE, that involved some of the people charged today in Project NIGHTSHADE. At this time, we are unable to go into full details or to name the E-Pixie suspects as that investigation is active and continues to unfold.

What we can say is: E-Pixie evolved in response to the attempted murder of a 27-year-old Edmonton resident in Kelowna near Leon Avenue and Abbot Street on September 10, 2010. The victim was shot while in his vehicle. The violent attack happened in the busy downtown core of Kelowna in front of innocent bystanders as the suspects started firing multiple gunshots at the victim’s vehicle.

In recent years, police and citizens alike have seen the troubling trend of gangs and organized crime groups exporting violence from Metro Vancouver into the southeast and northern regions of British Columbia. “These individuals show absolute contempt and disregard for society. The gunplay and savage violence on our streets is simply unacceptable,” said CFSEU’s Chief Officer, Supt. Doug Kiloh.

“Throughout the province, CFSEU’s chief objective is to preserve public safety and to disrupt organized criminal activity that negatively impacts the lives of ordinary citizens whether that’s in Vancouver or Kelowna. The final outcome here is that our communities are safer as a result of these latest arrests,” Supt. Kiloh added.

CFSEU, an integrated unit, works jointly with detachments and police departments throughout British Columbia to combat organized crime as the unit did in this investigation.

“When the Province announced a sweeping plan to aggressively target gangs and organized crime in 2009, we wanted to make sure we didn’t just displace gang violence from the Lower Mainland. It was about going after gangs wherever they set up shop in B.C.,” said Solicitor General Shirley Bond. “That is why we expanded the CFSEU units to Kelowna and Prince George and this is further proof that these integrated units are working hard to make our communities safer for B.C. families.”

The Kelowna Hells Angels was the most recent Chapter sanctioned in British Columbia. The club was officially established in 2007, although members were active in Kelowna prior to that date. The Throttle Lockers is considered by law enforcement as a support club to the Kelowna Hells Angels. They received their “patch” in 2009.

“The arrests of these members of the Hells Angels or any other criminal group show that we will aggressively pursue any individuals who use violence or threats to protect or to expand their criminal enterprises anywhere in British Columbia,” said Supt Pat Fogarty who leads CFSEU’s organized crime section. See Backgrounder for further details.

Media Spokesperson:
Sgt. Shinder Kirk
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Backgrounder – Project Nightshade and E Pixie

There are eight Hells Angels Chapters in British Columbia including:

  • Vancouver (Established July 1983)
  • White Rock (Established July 1983)
  • Nanaimo (Established July 1983)
  • The East End (Established December 1983)
  • Haney (Established June 1987)
  • Nomads (Established July 1998)
  • Mission City (Established September 1999)
  • Kelowna (Established June 2007)
  • The Kelowna Hells Angels consists of 11 members.
  • The official “uniform” of all Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs is its “Colours,” which always remain the property of the club. The Hells Angels Colours consist of a three piece patch which universally signifies to law enforcement that the club is a bonafide one-percenter gang. The term one-percenter is an historical term that originally distinguished the outlaw gangs from the majority of law-abiding motorcyclists.

Each Chapter operates out of a given city or region and is responsible for any activities taken up by its members.

The Hells Angels have a strict and oftentimes hierarchical structure. While each Chapter’s make up may differ slightly, generally speaking, at the top of the Chapter is the president, followed by the vice-president, with the secretary, treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms. The latter three positions are generally followed by the road captain, club members, prospects and hangarounds.

The Hells Angels number 30 Chapters Canada-wide.

The Throttle Lockers Outlaw Motorcycle Gang-100-Mile House

  • Considered by law enforcement to be a support club to the Hells Angels
  • There are approximately 15 members.
  • The Throttle Lockers are set up differently than other OMGs in that their members are scattered throughout the Okanagan. While their stated base is in 100-Mile House, their presence is seen throughout Kelowna and the Lake Country.
  • The Throttle Lockers received their patch in 2009.
  • The Throttle Lockers also sport a three piece patch, denoting the one-percenter tradition.

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