E-Portamento Sentencing Decision

The three men arrested, charged, tried, and convicted in connection with a complex murder conspiracy investigation have now been sentenced in Kamloops Supreme Court.

The case, which began in late 2009, had significant links to organized crime throughout the Kootenay and southern Alberta regions, involved numerous police agencies and spanned several months.

E-PortamentoLonnie Adams, Colin Correia, and Lorne Carry were all convicted of counselling to commit murder. While Adams was acquitted of the charge, Carry and Correia were also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. Lorne Carry was also convicted of possessing and transferring an AK-47-like automatic rifle and Colin Correia was convicted of possessing and attempting to transfer a restricted handgun.

Lonnie Adams was sentenced today to “time served”, equating to 5 years 5 1/2 months spent in custody. Lorne Carry was sentenced to 10 years in custody. Colin Correia was sentenced to 12 years and after getting 5 1/2 years credit for time already served, he must now serve an additional 6 1/2 years in custody.

“As the convictions reinforced, these men had no regard for public safety and were willing to go to great lengths to further their criminal enterprises and eliminate competition,” says CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sergeant Lindsey Houghton. “CFSEU-BC is pleased that they have been held accountable for potentially putting lives, and a community, at risk.”

CFSEU-BC would like to acknowledge the assistance of the RCMP’s North District Drug Section, the Kelowna RCMP Detachment, the RCMP’s E-Division Interview Team, the Cranbrook RCMP Detachment, the Calgary Police Service, and the B.C. Crown Counsel involved in the prosecution.

Media Spokesperson:

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