Gang Intervention & Exiting Team (GIET)

Gang Intervention and Exiting Team

The CFSEU-BC’s Gang Intervention and Exiting Team (GIET) provides support to high-risk individuals who are engaged in gang-related activities, including drug trafficking, and wish to exit gang life. The GIET also conducts outreach and intervention strategies to empower those involved in gang life to exit. Operating in BC’s Lower Mainland, the GIET supports individuals over the age of 13 who are willing and committed to long-term positive, pro-social and non-criminal goals.

The team consists of police officers and civilian case managers who provide outreach, safety planning and resources in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner when helping those who want to exit their gang entrenched lifestyle. Supports provided may consist of counselling, life coaching, education, employment programming, mental health supports and more depending on the needs of the client. Services can also be extended to family members who support the person’s exit from gang life.

If you, or someone you know, is ready to leave gang life behind, there is help available for you. Get in touch with the CFSEU-BC’s Gang Intervention and Exiting Team.

Helpline: 604-897-6023

Phone: 778.290.2040
Fax: 778.290.6101
14200 Green Timbers Way
Surrey, BC V3T 6P3