The resources page contains useful links and articles to help combat gangs in BC and to support the positive development of young people at risk of gang involvement

Education, Prevention, and Awareness

Resources for youth, parents, schools, and community groups

On this page you will find links to resources and information about gangs in BC, ways to prevent youth gang involvement, how to get help, and a calendar of events. The resources are an opportunity to share valuable information, training and educational opportunities with the public, or segments of the public. Visit End Gang Life to watch and incorporate into conversations about gangs, drugs, and crime prevention and education.

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The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia is your provincial anti-gang unit. It is mandated to take on organized crime and gang violence in British Columbia. Our number one priority is to ensure public safety through well-structured strategies that focus on the disruption of gang and organized crime violence


cb3288_874637f959b84bd9b2e3235fc35113be.jpg_srb_p_283_92_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbChildren of the Street Society takes a collaborative and comprehensive approach to preventing the sexual exploitation of children and youth. We know that investing in preventative measures means a decrease in the need for intervention and enforcement services, and is cost-effective over the long-term. We offer a variety of preventative programs which engage a diverse range of individuals and groups. Our primary prevention tool is education and awareness workshops – we facilitate over 500 workshops, in approximately 30 B.C. communities, with more than 25,000 participants annually!



Crime Stoppers is an independent non-profit society and registered charity managed by a civilian Board of Directors working in partnership with the police, the media and local citizens. As an organization, Crime Stoppers is a vehicle that allow citizens to ANONYMOUSLY supply the police with information about a crime or potential crime of which they have knowledge without fear of reprisal.


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The mission of this website is to share information and resources throughout British Columbia with youth, parents, community partners, educators, service providers and those working in the criminal justice field about the prevention of youth becoming involved with gangs.



Acting Together is a strength-based project aimed at preventing youth gang involvement. The project represents collaboration between academic researchers and community partners. It is federally funded through the Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) award of $1 million by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.



The Youth Gang Prevention Toolkit for Community Planning, and its accompanying Quick-Start Guide, are designed to assist service providers, community leaders, and others who are working to help prevent youth from becoming involved in gangs or to help them leave gangs. The toolkit was developed with the assistance and partnership of many stakeholders, including the Community Action and Assessment Networks, Alberta’s Ministry of Justice, and the federal government.



The Youth Against Violence Line was established in the early 1990’s as part of the Taking A Stand campaign, an initiative of the B.C. Government. The campaign was designed to encourage young people to take an active role in preventing violence amongst their peers. At that time, the YAV Line offered a voicemail and e-mail service where callers could be connected to the police to anonymously report incidents of youth violence and crime, without fear of reprisals.



VictimLink BC is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across BC and Yukon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-563-0808. It provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence, including victims of human trafficking exploited for labour or sexual services.

Headquartered in Metro Vancouver, CFSEU-BC is represented in all the main regions of the province with offices in Kelowna, Prince George, and on Vancouver Island.


CFSEU-BC is made up of seconded police officers

In 2004, CFSEU-BC was developed in consultation with the Provincial Government. The intent was to integrate the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, municipal police and the RCMP into one combined unit to coordinate the province’s response to the growing threat of organized crime and gang violence.

CFSEU-BC is made up of seconded police officers from the following Police Departments & Organizations.

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