End Gang Life Video Series

Creating Engaging and Powerful Stories.

Emotional and Visually Impactful Anti-Gang Campaigns.

The End Gang Life video series gives communities a rallying point around which they can mobilize against gangs in their neighbourhoods, and make gangsters pause and have a second thought about their life choices.

Each video series provides a thought-provoking look into the many myths about gangs. The videos aim to prevent youth from joining gangs by exposing the truth about gang life in British Columbia.

As part of a new coordinated national strategy with other Canadian police agencies, the CFSEU-BC has developed OMG-related End Gang Life material that was released in May 2019 until March 2020.

Get a glimpse inside gang life like never before, and the individuals and families affected by violence created by this lifestyle.

The stories told are so vivid and enrapturing, with everyone describing the worst days of their lives. They are full of honest and raw emotion. The stories told are universal and can be shown to anyone in any community and still have an impact.

The heartbreak and pain that comes with losing a child to murder is unimaginable for most people. The utter devastation of your child dying due to some bad, misguided choices they or others have made is even more incomprehensible.

The ability to get a glimpse into the mind of a gangster and relive his experiences is not something that many have the opportunity to do. They have lived in the shadows, many have done unspeakable things, but their stories are gripping.

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