Enforcement and Public Safety over the July 15-17 weekend

Police will be out in force this weekend to ensure public safety by monitoring two events in Southeastern British Columbia that are expected to attract a high number of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

HA-BootWhile many motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to attend the First Annual Sturgis North Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival, the presence of over a dozen outlaw biker groups is anticipated. Biker groups from other provinces are also expected.

CFSEU’s Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Enforcement and Intelligence Unit and the Uniformed Gang Task Force will use a number of tools including street checks and vehicle inspections over the duration of the event.

Officers will also target events during the Kelowna Hells Angels anniversary celebrations also occurring this weekend.

hells_angels_hamc_biker_hells_angels_motorbike_motorcycle_bike_1280x800“We want people to have a good time at this new event in Salmon Arm, and that is precisely why CFSEU will be there assisting our law enforcement partners, “ said CFSEU spokesperson Sgt. Shinder Kirk. “We also want to give the families of our province the opportunity to safely enjoy their summer holidays while in Southeastern B.C.”

Organized Crime is a national and provincial priority. All police agencies have a shared interest in combating organized crime. That is why this weekend, CFSEU is assisting our RCMP partners in Salmon Arm and Kelowna during the two high profile events.

“While such celebrations can be low key, in past years, violence has erupted at some of these biker anniversary events and gatherings,” said Sgt. Kirk. “We are there to make sure that any potential for violence is suppressed.”

CFSEU – BC is the province’s primary investigative agency for Organized Crime and Gangs. Working to preempt any potential for conflict is a key component of our strategy – one that goes a long way to ensure the safety of British Columbians.

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